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General regulations



The Serbian & Montenegro Chess Federation (from now on SMCF) has the honour to invite all European Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE to participate in the 2003 European Youth Chess Championship, and the 2003 European under-16 and under-18 Chess Championship in Budva (Montenegro), located on Adriatic coast, approximately 540 Km south of Belgrade (Serbia) or 60 km south of Podgorica (Montenegro) from the 12th September (arrival) to the 23rd September 2003. (departures).

2. Participation

Each federation can register one (1) player in each of the under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 (boys and girls) categories, totaling a maximum of ten (10) players.
Players with personal rights can also be registered. In order to ensure proper tournament standards, all invited players and extra players must submit their registrations through their national federations in order to reach the SMCF  before August 20th, 2003 (registration deadline).

3. ECU and FIDE Fees

3.1. In accordance with ECU regulations, a 100 SF entry fee is required for each invited player. This amount must be sent directly to ECU by their National Federation before the August 20th 2003.

3.2. In accordance with ECU regulations, a 200 SF entry fee is required for each extra player (those who play as “open” participants). This amount must be sent directly to ECU by their National Federation before August 20th 2003.

4. Registration and  travel conditions

4.1 Entry forms must be filled and returned to the SMCF not later than August 20th by fax, stamped by the Federation. This date is the registration deadline.

4.2 The complete registration form must include surname/s, first name/s, ID number, FIDE rating and title, and passport number of each player. It must also include the name and telephone / e-mail / fax number of the Delegation chief and of the person in charge in the Federation.

4.3  An identity photo (2x3 cm) must also be sent for the players, coaches and accompanying  persons badge. The photo can also be taken on arrival at the Hotel at the cost of 3 Euro.

4.4 Players will not be paired until all their payments have been fulfilled.

4.5 Travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their  Federation as following:

a) Belgrade - Tivat (by plane approximately 40 minutes), Tivat - Budva (by bus 30  minutes) price 150 Euro (two ways)

b) Belgrade - Budva (by bus, approximately 10 hours), price 90 Euro two ways

c) Podgorica airport - Budva (by bus approximately 1 hour), price 50 Euro two ways

d) Tivat airport - Budva (by bus), price 30 Euro, two ways.

4.6 These transport services will be available on September 12th 2003 (arrival) and on September 23rd or 27th September (departure) for participants EURO-RAPID & BLITZ 2003.

4.7 Players who make private transport arrangements and clearly indicate this in writing at the time of registration, will be fully responsible for any problems they experience or arrival or departure. The participants who pay the expences of organized transport till September 1st will have organizers help in getting the visa, under the most optimal conditions.

4.8  At the moment of registration this amount must be transferred to the following account of official tourist agency:



57: Account With Institution
BANK ADDRESS: Terazije 34, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro
BANK PHONE: +381 11 361 9400
BANK FAX: +381 11 685 045

59: Beneficiary Customer

5.        Lodging and meals

5.1 Accomodation and full board will be provided in hotel area "Slovenska plaza" Budva***   There are possibilities of accommodation in luxury hotels and apartments with special discount. Reservations and payments for these hotels and apartments will be not later of August 1st.

5.2 Free board and room will be provided for nominated players and players with personal rights from the September 12th (dinner) to September 23rd (lunch), after payment of a 100 Euro compensation to the organization.

5.3 One coach per delegation: Price.20% under prices in article 5.6.

5.4 Every participant accepted as an extra player will be obliged to lodge at the organization’s hotels in Budva.

5.5 Hotel payments for all extra players and accompanying persons must be made on arrival to Budva or in advance. Hotel payments must be paid in Euro. The SMCF  will not accept any promise for payment of Hotel bills at a future date.

5.6 Accomodation and meals for extra players and accompanying persons, will be at the Hotel area "Slovenska plaza"***:
Double room: 37 Euro, VAT included, per person and day, full board
1/3 room: 34 Euro, VAT included, per person and day, full board 
1/4 room: 33 Euro, VAT included, per person and day, full board 
Single room prices will have a 45 Euro.

5.7 Payments in advance for accompanying persons and extra players must be transferred to the account as in article 4.8.

5.8  Once the transfer has been confirmed, the Chess Federation will inform about the assigned booking confirmation for all the reserves made in the apartments or the hotel room.  Along the booking confirmation, the SMCF  will send the bill including taxes.


6. Tournament hall

MEDITERRANEAN SPORT HALL (approximately 500 m from the hotel "Slovenska plaza).

7. Schedule

Friday September 12th   Arrival of Delegations
Saturday September 13th  11.00 AM Delegates Meeting
    3.00  PM Opening ceremony
    3.15 PM 1st Round
Sunday September 14th 3.00 PM 2nd Round
Monday September 15th 3.00 PM 3rd Round
Tuesday September 16th 3.00 PM 4th Round
Wednesday September 17th 3.00 PM  5th Round
Thursday September 18th Free day  (Euro-rapid 2003, 5.00 PM)
Friday September 19th 3.00 PM 6thRound
Saturday September 20th 3.00 PM 7thRound
Sunday September 21st 3.00 PM 8thRound
Monday September 22nd 10.30 AM 9thRound
    7.00 PM Closing ceremony
Tuesday September 23rd   Departure

8.        Rules and regulations

The tournament will be played by a 9-round Swiss System. National ratings will not be taken into consideration for the parings. Playing rates will be according to FIDE regulations.

9. Information

Each Federation is entitled to one free bulletin per round. Additional bulletins will be on sale. Before the tournament, information will be available on the Internet at http://www.eurobudva2003.com. On this site will be entry forms for registration participants, accompanying persons and journalists from 1st June 2003.

10.  Prizes

10.1 The first three players of each group will be awarded with medals. The first five will be awarded with trophies and the first ten players in each group and category will we awarded with diplomas.

10.2 The first five players of each group will be awarded with special awards (chess software, chess books, chess clocks and chess sets) in total amount for all prizes 10.000 euros.

10.3 Each participant will receive presents in total amount for all 10.000 euros.



All information about competitions in Budva will be available on tournaments office 
phone numbers:  +381-11- 3220358
Fax number:         +381-11- 3342730
Official e-mail:eurobudva2003@yahoo.com

Tournament director: Vladimir Sakotic
                                 +381-63-70-40-000 mobile phone
Contact e-mail:                 vlasak@cg.yu