In the beginning was the legend...

Once upon a time...
There lived in Budva the young stonemason Marko Mitrov...
His craft was famous. What he saw- he could carve.
What he imagined- turned out even more beatutiful.
Winged lions, angels, fish, birds... All seemed alive...
He was renowned far and wide...
There was no prominent citizen whose house hadn't been decorated by Marko.
And then, Jelena caught Marko's eye. Love blossomed...
They loved each other secretly, but the proverb says three things can't be hidden:
love, caughing and poverty.
There love was not to be. Jelena was not allowed to marry Marko.
So they jumped into the sea from the city walls of Budva.
Together unto death.

A miricle happened. When they touched the waves, they turned into fishes...
They disappeared in the depths- their love was realized...
And a voice was heard saying: "K'o jedno nek budu dva!" ("Let the twain be as one")
...Budu dva... Thence the name Budva.
In Marko's house a relief was found in stone of a previously unseen colour.
In the relief, two entwined fishes, inseparable.
It was never explained how he had known to carve this.
Fate... The rest is legend.
There remained the story that 
anyone who touches the relief
will help his love to become
as firm and lasting as the stone...

"Slovenska plaža"- Budva

In the vicinity of the ancient town of Budva, the pearl of the Montenegrian coast and the best known tourist centre of this part of Yugoslav seaside is a new tourist settlement- "Slovenska plaža". Conceived and projected as a single unit, this settlement can fulfill all needs and wishes of its guest offering numerous facilities. With its 2.970 beds located in 11 hotels with 740 rooms and 310 apartments connected with small streets that all lead to the main street "Korzo", "Slovenska plaža" represents an unique example of tourist oriented architecture. Along the main street "Korzo" there are numerous facilities that contribute to the guest's well being: souvenir shops, boutiques, self-service stores, coffee-bars, restaurants, aperitif bars, fashion boutiques, leather shops, flower shops, fruit shops, newspaper stands, tobacco and photo-equipment shops. Of course, there are banks, hair-dresser, dry-cleaners's, medical surgery and a shop with beach supplies. Even the youngest are not forgotten- they have obtained beautifully arranged playgrounds with various games. Conceived as a single unit "Slovenska plaža" can be devided in three sections: welcome centre, accommodating facilities and catering, sports and recreation facilities.

Welcome centre

Since the settlement was projected so that no vehicles are allowed, inside a roofed and guarded parking space for appr. 500 cars is available. All the facilities that offer service to guests upon arrival are near the main reception: bank, snack-bar, hair-dresser and medical surgery.

Accommodating facilities

All rooms and apartments are located only 30-150 m from the beach and have a bathroom with hot and cold water, toilett and telephone. Most rooms are suites have terraces in patio style and balconies. Apartments with 2-8 beds have a living room, bed rooms, kitchen with dining room, bathroom, toilett, telephone and balcony.

Catering, sports and recreational facilities

Various catering facilities are located in side streets all leading to "Korzo", rooms and apartments. Restaurants with national specialities, grill restaurants, beer pubs, microbiotic restaurant, snack bars, pizzeria, and a pastryshop offer a rich choice of foods and beverages to each guest. In the amphitheatrical area by the swimming pools (total surface 1000 m˛), various cultural performances take place in the evening hours, including folklore groups. On the terrace of the beach restaurant there is a folk and dance music every evening. Sports and recreation are a must for all guests. On the beach there are: universal playground for all ball games, boccia alley, trimming course of 1000 m, 10 tables for table tennis, darts, childrens' playground and 14 tennis courts. Well maintained beaches are equiped with parasols and chairs. For sports and recreation there are: sandolines, wind surfing, motor boats, water skiis, and skimmers, parachutes, aquagan, and discoteque on the beach. All social activities rooms, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. are airconditioned. Besides a computorized reservations system, the settlement also has an automatic telephone exchange.